The creating happiness show

Experience a magical journey to self-discovery, love and realizing your dreams during this unique 2.5-hour workshop with live music: “The Magic of Attraction Revealed: A Journey through Love and Manifestation.”

What can you expect?

Inspiring Workshop:

Discover the secrets of the Law of Attraction and learn how to use this power to attract love, success and fulfillment into your life.

Working Through Blockages:

Learn effective techniques to break through limiting beliefs and blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential

Live Music with Personal Stories:

Let yourself be transported by the authentic songs of La Rosa del Norte, who shares her own journey to love and realizing her dreams. The music brings the powerful message to life and connects you on a deep level.

Practical Exercises:

Experience hands-on exercises that you can immediately apply to stimulate positive changes in your life.

Rosa Leijdekkers on guitar

In addition to being a coach and writer, Rosa has been a Singer Songwriter for 25 years. In this workshop with live music, her most beautiful songs come together with her personal story about what she has discovered about creating happiness and overcoming obstacles.

This workshop goes beyond theoretical knowledge. It is an experience that encourages you to dive deep within yourself, overcome blockages and manifest the love and dreams you deserve.
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