Unlock your best possible future! Workshop / Art and Live Music

In this mind blowing workshop, Rosa takes you on the journey of manifesting your dreams through meditation, art and self expression, guided by live music.

Rosa is a musician, lifecoach and writer of the book “De kracht van intentie, 3 sleutels om jezelf te bevrijden”. She will take you on a journey of exploration and self expression through meditation and art.

Her live music blends with powerful practices where you will learn:

  • The steps you can take and the process it takes to create your best possible future.
  • To apply this knowledge to make new dreams come true.
  • The science behind the power of intention
  • How to make a tool you can use to grasp the energy of your desire and to make fast and easy choices towards it.
  • The main reason things don’t always happen the way you want. 
  • What it takes to overcome the blockages that keep you away from what you really want.
  • How to influence the world inside and around you with the power of intention and sound.

Besides learning how to apply this process for your personal life and listening to beautiful songs, you will make an intuitive piece of art that will surprise you and reinforce you to make it happen afterwards!